Ask the Audiologist

Miss America TV Spot

On Friday the 20th of January 1996, CDR Communications came to Solveig Ingersoll's office in Wheaton to make a television public service commercial starring Heather Whitestone (Miss America). The networks sponsored the commercial as part of their public service series. The commercial stressed the importance of early screening for hearing problems in infants and young children with certain risk indicators.

Cal Covert, Senior Producer at CDR, who also filmed the acclaimed C Everett Koop lecture on hearing aids, said that Solveig's office was one of his favorite filming locations because it was easy to get into and had lots of parking close to the door.

It also helped that there was a Radio Shack store nearby. As the crew was setting up to take the commercial, they discovered that their portable video monitor did not work. It had fallen off a cart in Chicago where they had been taping the Miss America part of the commercial. Luckily, we had a TV which did work, and Radio Shack had the necessary connector.

Cathy Fleschner was the lucky audiologist who got to star in the commercial. She spent all morning working with the models the film crew brought with them for the pretend ABR testing. She said the most difficult part was in keeping the children's attention focused on the testing and away from the television crew's activities. The baby, who normally would be asleep during ABR testing, thought it was great fun to pull off the electrodes just as the taping was about to begin.

This was not the first for Solveig's clinic on national TV. It also has been on ABC TV's Good Morning America and on CNN TV news. More recently, the AARP did a public service spot at her center about Digital Hearing Aids, which was shown on local TV stations around the country (it was on Channel 9 Evening News in the Washington, DC area).

Cathy has also been on the cover of the "ASHA Leader", and Solveig has been quoted in the National Enquirer (incorrectly, it turns out). See the November 10, 1998 issue of the Enquirer if you are interested.