Ask the Audiologist

Outreach to Community

Audiologists delight in meeting with members of our community for education and support. Most audiologists will visit your group and give free lectures on a variety of topics, such as "How to communicate with senior citizens in nursing home settings", "The latest hearing aid technology", "Dangers to your hearing and how to avoid them", "etc., or we will speak on your choice of topics. Small group lectures are better, since we like to interact with the audience on a one-on-one basis. Just give your audiologist a call to schedule a lecture for your group. Some audiologists are able use sign language to improve communications with hard of hearing individuals during these lectures, if necessary..

Audiologists frequently participate in Health Fairs, at no charge, even ones set up by private companies for their own employees. Hearing screenings require a quiet location, somewhat apart from the usual hubbub of a health fair. Sometimes difficult locations can be accommodated by sending a person to operate a display booth in the main health fair area, and another person to operate the hearing screening equipment away from the crowd.

Some materials

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