Ask the Audiologist

A Fish Story (Chesapeake Bay)


The fish on the left is 42.5 inches long. Almost a record for the boat.

The Hearing Center (.com) jack-of-all-trades (Phil Ingersoll), went fishing out on the bay with some of his friends. They caught several big Rockfish, including the 42 inch monster on the left.

The real news is that Phil did not wear ear plugs like he normally does. (These fishing boats are quite noisy, and the trip lasts all day.) This time, Phil wore his Widex Sensoâ„¢ digital signal processing hearing aids and was able to hear his friends without being bothered by the noise. Phil thinks that he actually heard better than his friends did in this situation.

This is one more example of how digital signal processing can help in difficult listening situations. It actually reduces the background noise, while letting speech through.

People with hearing loss are sometimes more sensitive to noise than people with normal hearing. This is similar to the extra sensitivity that you sometimes get after burning your finger on the stove.