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Talk Radio: All About Ears

Solveig hosted a talk radio show called All About Ears℠ from 1998 to 2001. Some of the topics are probably still of interest, even those of long gone companies. For example, one show featured a "live" sound tour of the automated manufacturing plant for the Songbird hearing aid, an aid that is no longer available.

People could call in to ask questions, or e-mail them in.

Topics included medical discussions, detailed descriptions of high tech hearing aids, and featured guests from hearing aid companies, the medical world, and academia.

We hope to put the tapes of these shows on this web site in the near future. Also, the technology for webcasts and pod casts has reached the point where we could consider restarting the live call-in shows if there was any interest (email us if you would be interested <inbox at hearingcenter dot com>).

March 29, 2001: Techniques to use to talk with someone in an assisted living facility (or with any hard of hearing individual).

March 22, 2001: Reasons for doing something about a hearing loss.

March 1, 2001: Solveig answers more of your e-mail and call-in questions.

February 22, 2001: Solveig answers your e-mail and call-in questions.

February 15, 2001: Solveig tries to answer the question: "What is the best value in a hearing aid, considering price and performance?"

February 8, 2001: Guest Tiffany Brown from Bernafon Corp

February 1, 2001: Guest David Baquis Director of the SHHH National Center on Assistive Technology.

January 11, 2001: Guest: Dave Kaufman from Phonak Corporation.

January 4, 2001: : More about causes of hearing loss.

December 28, 2000: Stephen Epstein, MD, guest talked about causes of hearing loss.

December 4, 2000: Paul Edwards of Telex Corporation

November 13, 2000: A review of new hearing aid brands and types.

October 30, 2000: Fred Fritz, President and CEO, and Tom Douglas of Songbird Hearing were our guests. They took us on a virtual tour of their new automated production plant for disposable hearing aids.

October 23, 2000: GN ReSound, Michael Hahn, guest. The digital 5000 is now available in a CIC version.

October 16, 2000: Carole Rogin, President of the Hearing Industries Association, guest

October 2, 2000: Widex, Michael Doughtery, guest

September 18, 2000: Phonak, Dave Kaufman, guest

September 11, 2000: Digital hearing aids: Options and features

September 4, 2000: Introduction to digital signal processing hearing aids

August 14, 2000: Sue Mundy, the Executive Assistant of the Washington Area Group for the Hard of Hearing (WAGHOH) is Solveig's guest

August 7, 2000: Continue the discussion of Denial of Hearing Loss, and go on to talk about hearing aid decisions.

July 31, 2000: We will discuss the problem of getting someone to admit that hearing aids might help them and to try them. Your suggestions are welcome. Please call.

July 24, 2000: Solveig answers your e-mail questions, and talks about taking care of hearing aids.

July 10, 2000 : Sonic Innovations Natura 2 SE and Conforma Instant hearing aid, Teresa Neugent guest

June 26, 2000: How to make your new hearing aid fitting more successful.

May 22, 2000: The reasons people give to avoid getting hearing aids.

May 15, 2000: There are a whole bunch of new hearing aids on the market. Solveig will try to make sense of what's out there.

May 8, 2000: May is Better Hearing Month. Solveig talked about why you should take advantage of all of the special programs available this month.

May 1, 2000: Michael Jones, President of Phonak USA, discussed the Phonak Claro, the latest dsp hearing aid, 20 frequency bands, remote controls, great sound.

April 17, 2000: Sue Schwartz, author of "Choices in Deafness", talks about children's hearing problems

April 10, 2000: Dr. Stephen Epstein discussed the latest NIH research into hearing loss: Haircell regeneration, Gene mapping, noise induced loss ...

March 27, 2000: How to help a friend who has a hearing loss

March 20, 2000: Hearing aid repairs.

March 6, 2000: Solveig and Phil discuss the latest digital signal processing hearing aids and try to compare them in some meaningful way. Brands discussed include Widex, Siemens, Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, Philips, Micro-Tech, Lori, Telex, Rexton, Sonic Innovations Natura, ReSound, Danavox, and others.

February 28, 2000: Alicia Toland, MA, CCC-A discussed assistive listening devices.

February 21, 2000: Hearing aid options and controls. RF remotes versus IR remotes vs push buttons. T-Coils vs CIC cases ...

January 10, 2000: Michael Dougherty of Widex Corporation talks about the Senso Plus and other Widex hearing aids.

December 20, 1999: Tips for talking with the hearing impaired this holiday season

December 13, 1999: Jamie Sargent of Sonic Innovations talks about their latest DSP hearing aids

November 29, 1999: Dr. James Firman, President and CEO of The National Council on the Aging, discusses the NCOA study that showed that untreated hearing loss can be linked to depression and isolation in seniors.

November 15, 1999: Debbie Gillette and Steven Myhre of Oticon guests

November 8, 1999: Donna Sorkin, Executive Director of AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing guest

November 1, 1999: Andrea Hernandez and Lauren Raffel, highly successful teens talk about their experiences with hearing loss

October 25, 1999: Sheila Doctors, Supervisor of Hearing and Vision Services, Montgomery County Public Schools, guest

October 18, 1999: Michelle Schneider of Micro-Tech will talk about their hearing aids

October 11, 1999: Tinnitus with Stephen Epstein, MD, FACS, ENT guest

September 20, 1999: Low cost hearing aids: What to do if cost is a consideration.

August 30, 1999: Katrina Bartos of Starkey returned to discuss the brand new Cetera digital signal processing hearing aid and the unusual Radient Beam Array.

August 23, 1999: Our guest was Jackie Garibay, B.A., HAD. Jackie discussed ways of taking care of your hearing aids, and hearing aid repairs. Jackie also talked about the process of getting licensed as a hearing aid dealer (HAD) and how it differs from becoming certified as an audiologist (in the State of Maryland).

August 16, 1999: Cochlear Implants, with special guest Stephen Epstein, MD, FACS. Steve is the President of the AG Bell Association for the Deaf, and a member of the advisory board of the National Institutes of Health for hearing problems.

August 2, 1999: Alicia Toland, MA, CF-A, talked about the process of becoming an audiologist and spent some time discussing assistive listening devices.

July 19, 1999: Stephen, Kupferberg, MD was the guest. Steve is an ENT with offices in Wheaton and Rockville Maryland.

June 14, 1999: Carole Rogin, president of the Hearing Industries Association discussed a research study that included 3000 people.

June 7, 1999: Jamie Sargent, East Coast Representative and Bob Wyckoff, Vice President of Manufacturing of Sonic Innovations talked about their DSP hearing aid and about Sonic Innovations, one of the fastest growing start up companies around.

May 24, 1999: Dave Smriga, VP of Danavox talked about their DanaLogic DSP hearing aids and their recent acquisition of ReSound Corporation.

May 3, 1999: Sheena Phelps-Burk from Bernafon-Maico talked about their complete line of hearing instruments, including their DSP hearing aid with a user volume control, and their tiny CIC hearing aid that has a remote control, the only one on the market, I believe.

March 29, 1999: Teresa Newgent of Phonak talked about their technology, including the very popular Audio Zoom hearing aids with rf remote controls

March 22, 1999: Michael Hahn of ReSound Corp talked about their latest digital signal processing hearing aid and their plans for the future.

March 8: Katrina Bartos of Starkey talked about their hearing aids. Starkey is the biggest hearing aid manufacturer in the world and they have a bunch of exciting new products poised for release.

February 1, 1999: Michael Dougherty of Widex was Solveig's guest on the show. He answered questions and talked about the future of Digital Signal Processing in hearing aids. He also talked about the Widex Senso hearing aid and its latest variations.

December 21, 1998: How to talk with someone in an assisted living center who is hard of hearing (and 90% of them are). Also good tips for talking with someone with a hearing loss who is trying to ignore the loss.

December 14, 1998: Causes of hearing loss. See our list of Ototoxic Medications mentioned on the show.