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Welcome to our revised Hearing Center site. We hope that it contains information that is revellent to your search for better hearing.

First of all, your hearing is important to you and your family. Untreated hearing loss is a major cause of conflict within families and even is statically related to poor health and lower lifetime salaries. The solution of choice for most hearing problems is hearing aids. However, buying hearing aids is a difficult process for many people.

Let me point out parenthetically, that we do not sell hearing aids or anything else on this web site. My opinions are still biased, but ... more


Untreated Hearing Loss

In May 1999, the National Council on the Aging released a massive study titled "The Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss in Older Persons." The goal of the study was to assess the effects of hearing loss on quality of life and compare these effects for those who wear hearing aids and those who do not.

Respondents in the survey included hearing aid users, hearing-impaired seniors who do not use hearing aids (non users), and significant others (spouse, close family member, or best friend of the hearing-impaired respondent). A total of 2,304 hearing impaired people responded and an additional 2,090 family members or close friends responded ... more


Sudden Hearing Loss

Article in local paper by Solveig Ingersoll, M.A., CCC

What do a weight lifter, a scuba diver, and an airline passenger have in common with someone with high cholesterol levels? They all are candidates for sudden hearing loss.

"Robert" (not his real name) woke up one morning and noticed that he was dizzy and couldn't hear out of his right ear. He felt fine otherwise and ... more


Widex INTEO Hearing Aid

Widex has introduced a new top-of-the line hearing instrument to improve on the features pioneered by the Senso and Senso Diva. The new INTEO (in TA’ o) features “Integrated Signal Processing,” a Dynamic Integrator, High Definition Sound Analysis, High Definition Sound Processing, a High Definition System Optimizer and an Audibility Extender system. ... more